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Dr. Jacobson, holding a Dumerils Boa.

This may be the most exciting news for snake/boid lovers of all time. If you own a large collection or are a breeder, you need to read this article and look into having your pets tested. Inclusion Body disease spreads quickly, especially via mite infections and could put your entire collection at risk. SLITHER OVER TO POST

Dozens of snakes seized in huge drug raid

Dozens of snakes, including a six-foot-long boa constrictor, were seized at a South Thorold home Tuesday night by the Lincoln County Humane Society, a house that Niagara Regional Police said was the site of a drug raid.

Police said the raid at the home on Mackan Street, which allegedly netted cocaine with a street value of $6,000, $21,000 worth of MDMA (‘Ecstacy’), $68,000 worth of marijuana and marijuana plants, and $1,000 worth of psilocybin, came after surveillance at the home by the NRP Guns, Gangs and Grows unit since earlier this month.

Also seized was $2,700 in cash and prohibited brass knuckles.

Kevin Strooband, executive director of the humane society, said police called the humane society to deal with 36 snakes including the Columbian Red Tailed boa, a monitor lizard, 65 rats and two turtles. None of the snakes were venomous, he said.

The Thorold fire department was preparing to cut off power to the house, said Strooband.

“Without power to the residence, the animals would not have survived,” he said.

Strooband said a society officer worked with a reptile expert to quickly remove the animals to safety. They’ll soon be moved to an undisclosed location, he said.

“All of the animals are doing fine now,” said Strooband.

Here’s another article that really grinds my gears.  I won’t judge you for being a drug dealer–I’ve more important things to worry about.  What concerns me though–maybe it’s only me that feels this way–I view my snakes as my children and I would never put them in harms way.  Being a high traffic drug dealer will generate unwanted attention.  People will notice and suspect.  I care about my son deeply and I can’t imagine a world where I would do anything to compromise his safety and security.  The same treatment goes for my babies, (snakes)

The silver lining of this article really is that the snakes were captured and taken to a place that will better care and provide for them.  Also, more than likely, they were bought with the money he earned from drug trafficking.  There are worse things the money could have been spent on.

Original story snagged from here.

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